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chuyên cung cấp ups các hãng như APC, Santak, Delta, Emerson … với nhiều công suất lớn nhỏ tùy theo nhu cầu sử dụng của khách hàng.
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Vinasat1 downlink spectrum by Agilen spectrum Analysis

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Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about our microwave products in the categories below. For further assistance, please contact us.

I’m not getting any output power from my BUC. What’s wrong?
Most Norsat BUCs require one or more of these multiplexed components on the input coaxial cable: 24V DC, 10 Mhz Reference, L-band signal. Please consult the specification sheet for the BUC model you are using, and ensure that incoming signal is set up for the BUCs requirements. If you require a Bias-T to inject the DC voltage or reference signal, please contact our Microwave Components sales department for more information.

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